Chinese Professional Club

Tips For A Successful Interview

During an interview, you will have a chance to talk to members of selection committee. Results of these interviews will allow the committee to provide recommendation for further consideration (e.g., job offer, college admission offer, scholarship offer…etc). You may want to consult with many websites that provide tips for a successful college or job interview. The following provides some general key points for a fun and successful interview.

1. Know the business of the organization that will interview you and prepare your interview accordingly to show the best of you. At minimal, you should work on the following preparation steps before the interview:

a. Transportation arrangement and routing to the interview site
b. Finding out the names of the interviewers
c. Proper clothing selection
d. Questions you want to ask during the interview
e. Copies of essential documents
f. Resting properly (if possible) before the interview day

2. Don’t be late for your interview. Arrive at least ten minutes early to allow time for any paper work and/or allow yourself to set focus for the interview.

3. Dress properly with a proper hair cut for the organization that offers you the interview. Attending the CPC interview is the same as going to many traditional job/college interviews, you want to show a professional individual that is neat and clean, and that is self conscience about looks. Men should consider a suit or khaki pants with a collared shirt and matching tie or sweater. Nice pants with a shirt, jacket, and tie also a possibility. Ladies should consider a dress. Both men and ladies should avoid putting too much jewelry and do not wear lots of cologne or perfume. A clean and professionally look hair cut is also recommended. Remember “dressing properly” is the key. If the interview is for a hard-rock musician job, the dress code suggested above will not be applicable.

4. Be friendly and cheerful, but not too intimate. Do not memorize answers. Try to sound natural and conversational. Ask questions.

5. Don’t badmouth people, religions, races, political groups. Focus on education and extracurricular activity (for college or CPC interview).

6. Do not chew gum. Turn your phone off in the waiting room and during interview.

7. Be engaged. Do not respond with only “yes” or “no” answers.